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It’s about so much more than soup.  It is about what goes into the making of the soup; without the contributions from the community, stone soup would remain simply a stone in water.  But, once the people begin to share what they have, once each new and different component is added to the pot, the magic happens and a delicious and nourishing soup is created.  And the people are fed. The Legend of Stone Soup is an ideal metaphor for what we are about.  With participation from community members we are able to fulfill our mission to feed and provide for our sisters and brothers.

The Stone Soup Project began as a kernel of an idea years and years ago, when I began to bring meals on an individual basis to people who needed them.  We are now offering meals at a centralized location to all are hungry.  We are a collaboration of loving and giving people whose shared objective is to defeat hunger. 


We are serving hot, home style meals at 4 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Waukesha.  Our distribution site is located at 409 E. Main Street.  All are welcome.  

This is no small goal, and it requires many helping hands from all who are able and willing to throw what they can into our soup kettle. This community project requires input and information from our neighbors.  Any time we learn of a new need for meals we will respond. 

We have a number of volunteer opportunities available, and would love to bring people with new perspectives and vision on board. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Maureen.

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